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Festival season comes to Spain

Festival season comes to Spain

Spain in August is something else. Agosto with its unrelenting heat transforms Spanish life. During the day, streets and squares usually vibrating with the sounds of commerce quiet down. But in the cool of the evening, Spain’s festival season heats up.

Take the San Lorenzo Festival in Madrid. On 8 and 9 August the Lavapies neighbourhood transforms into a celebration of music, food, street theatre and…lemonade! Made from local fruit, visitors of every age can enjoy this non-alcoholic drink for free. Right around the corner from AC Hotel Carlton starts a tasty tapas tour along local bars. And if you have some room left, there is always the famous tortilla competition.

From August 15-22 you find the Feria de Agosto or August Fairs in the Andalusian city of Málaga. The streets of the city center are adorned with paper lanterns and floral displays. Booths are set up, there are performances for children and adults, music and dance, while beautifully decorated horses and carriages ride past.

And when evening sets in, the fair continues as Feria de noche, or Night Fair. Passionate music is everywhere as flamenco dancers sound their rythm in the streets. All a stone’s throw away from the comfort of AC Hotel Málaga Palacio.

Whether you’re into music, theatre or culinary delights, the great variety of local festivals ensures you’ll always find a festival to your taste. Spain in August is indeed something else. A summer adventure. The only question is – where will your adventure start?

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