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A message from the founder

A message from the founder

"Hotels have the opportunity to be something better than a home"
- Antonio Catalan

The building of AC Hotels has been my sole passion and purpose for the past 15 years. It is a dream rooted in my childhood, largely spent helping my parents in our small family hotel in Navarre, Spain.

My years spent wandering the kitchens, service corridors and common rooms of our family inn inspired me to dream of what hotels could be. I came to believe that hotels should be so much more than just lodging; They should serve as an escape, an oasis from the mundane. They have the opportunity to be something better than home, a place that removes the friction of normal life.

I am often asked if I think of AC as a Spanish fire. We may be in our Spanish and European roots in our soul, but our worldview has been and always will be that of the modern business traveler. So, in that spirit, I extend my sincere thanks to those in Spain who have been a part of building our business from the beginning, investing their energy and creativity into this ambitious vision and welcome those of you from around the world who are just now joining our family. 


Antonio Catalan

Founder & President, AC Hotels