Simplicity by choice.

Whether it’s the artful pour of a perfectly-made cocktail or the edited styling of our European-inspired space, AC Hotels invites you to visit a world that’s timelessly modern at an unusually smart value. You’ll appreciate getting everything you need, without paying for things that you don’t.


Embrace the unknown. Learn about yourself and grow."

UNPACKED with Grant Legan

A collector of first impressions, photographer Grant Legan’s wanderlust has brought him all over the world. He has been on the road and up in the air non-stop for seven years. Discover what, to him, makes AC Hotels a better place than home.

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Rethink what you really need. Cut the crap."

UNPACKED with Christopher Noerskau

Modern life can be hectic. Instead of taking control of your own time, we often find ourselves being controlled by time itself. Does this sound familiar? To Christopher Noerskau it did–until he decided to take back time into his own hands. And you can choose to do the same.

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This box belonged to my grand father. "

UNPACKED with Nigel Barker

When we asked Nigel Barker how he combines his TV work with being a father and a renowned photographer, he simply told us he focuses on the things that matter the most at that specific moment. Find out what makes him tick. Here’s the second part of our UNPACKED series.

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Spaces, scents and sounds become more vivid when I sketch. "

UNPACKED with Kobi Karp

Traveling around the world gives you a different view of who you are. It makes you more receptive to the needs and likes of an international crowd. Discover what inspired architect Kobi Karp in his design of the latest AC Hotels opening in Miami Beach.

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Architecture, arts, seafood, football, whatever you associate with Barcelona, the city has always been cultivating its vibrance. As a Spanish-rooted brand, we are excited to announce the opening of our new branch, AC Hotel Diagonal L’illa.

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Spain in August is something else. Agosto with its unrelenting heat transforms Spanish life. During the day, streets and squares usually vibrating with the sounds of commerce quiet down. But in the cool of the evening, Spain’s festival season heats up.

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AC Hotels arrives in Miami Beach. Home to the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world as well as an eclectic mix of galleries, bars and restaurants, Miami South Beach is better known as the Art Deco Playground.

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