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Whether it’s the artful pour of a perfectly-made cocktail or the edited styling of our European-inspired space, AC Hotels invites you to visit a world that’s timelessly modern at an unusually smart value. You’ll appreciate getting everything you need, without paying for things that you don’t.


Unpacked UNPACKED with Erin Spens
Have you ever stopped to listen to the sounds of a city?

Have you ever stopped to listen to the sounds of a city?"

UNPACKED with Erin Spens

Boat Magazine founder Erin Spens is obsessed with cities. For this UNPACKED issue she reveals how to get under the skin of a place. Come along and be invited to her imagined city where people feel connected, workdays are short and nature is never far.

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It stirs your senses. It delights your palette. It enriches your mind. Welcome to Guadalajara, the stomping ground of tequila, home of the mariachi and the broad sombrero. A place that was established five times before it settled in Mexico’s Jalisco regio

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AC Hotel Diagonal L’illa

Architecture, arts, seafood, football, whatever you associate with Barcelona, the city has always been cultivating its vibrance. As a Spanish-rooted brand, we are excited to announce the opening of our new branch, AC Hotel Diagonal L’illa.

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Festival season comes to Spain

Spain in August is something else. Agosto with its unrelenting heat transforms Spanish life. During the day, streets and squares usually vibrating with the sounds of commerce quiet down. But in the cool of the evening, Spain’s festival season heats up.

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